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Bosnia-Hercegovina: Narrow Gauge Album

Keith Chester

Though the last public service train on the famed Bosnian 760mm gauge system ran in 1979, interest in the narrow gauge railways of this fascinating country remains as strong as ever. In 750 illustrations (160 in colour) taken between 1885 and 2010 the author takes a second look at the rich history and many splendours of narrow gauge railways in Bosnia-Hercegovina, an era that began in 1878 with the construction of a military field railway and which survives today in the form of two coal railways and fledgling preservation schemes.

This remarkable collection of photographs, drawing on a wide range of sources, supplements the authors full length history of these railways, The Narrow Gauge Railways of Bosnia-Hercegovina (2006). The opportunity has been taken in this present volume to include much material on Bosnia-Hercegovinas narrow gauge railways which has only recently come to light, as well as details on locomotives in the forestry and mining industries whose existence in Bosnia-Hercegovina was previously unknown.

Those fortunate enough to have experienced Bosnia-Hercegovinas narrow gauge railways in their last few decades of operation can revive old memories whilst there is much of interest here for the historian and modeller alike. 320 pages A4, 750 ill, hb.

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