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L’épopée des locomotives “Armistice 1918”

Jean Buchmann, Jean-Marc Dupuy

Cabri 2010. In the armistice of WWI, Germany was required to pay 5,000 locomotives and 150,000 coaches and wagons as war reparations to the allies. Nearly half of these went to France and were distributed to the different companies, some giving more than 50 years of service there.

This book describes the many diverse types of steam locomotives and their service life in France. Detailed lists show original German railway and number, works number, French number and renumberings, and withdrawal date. The rolling stock is dealt with more briedly. 264 pages 22x31 cm, numerous photographs, hb.

A second hand copy with slight damage to the spine. Also published in German with the title "Der Aderlass".

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