Enzyklopedie Železnice. Parní Lokomotivy ČSD [5]
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Enzyklopedie Železnice. Parní Lokomotivy ČSD [5]

Jindřich Bek, Zdeněk Bek

The first three volumes of this five volume work describe the steam locomotives of the Czechoslovak State Railways from their inception in 1918, when they took over locomotives from MAV, kkStB and several other railways. The classes are described in numerical order from 200.0 to 636.0. Each class is alloted one or more pages with description (in Czech), photo and diagram. Volume 4 and 5 list the locomotives individually with renumberings etc. Published by Corona 1999-2001.

Vol 4 lists the locomotives of classes 434.0 to 636.00, narrow gauge locomotives and foreign locos which did not get ČSD numbers. It also contaons ca 350 additional photographs. 240 pages A4.

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