Railways of Southern Quebec. Volume II -
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Railways of Southern Quebec. Volume II -

Derek Booth

From the Richelieu to the Chaudière. 192 pages 15x23 cm, ill, sb.

This volume continues the study (begun in Volume I) of various railway companies that operated in Quebec south of the St Lawrence River. The featured railways illustrate the many diverse elements of 19th century railway construction. Also covered are aspects of the railway network rationalisation resulting from railways having lost their transportation primacy to cars and trucks. The volume focuses on the central Eastern Townships with the histories of the Waterloo & Magog Railway, the Missisquoi & Black Rivers Valley Railway, and the Orford Mountain Railway. Also covered are other associated lines, including the Canadian Pacific Railway's "Short Line" which continued from Megantic, Quebec to Saint John, New Brunswick through Maine. There are overviews of several other railway companies, all of which, together, formed the extensive network of railways that lay south of the St Lawrence River in Quebec.

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