Ty43. Lokomotywa wojenna
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Ty43. Lokomotywa wojenna

Roman Garbacik, Konrad Gargacik

In 1944, Polish industry started building a series DR Class 42, the heavier sister of the widespread class 52 2-10-0s. None was finished before the end of the war, but later 129 locomotives were delivered to the PKP as class Ty43. The last one was withdrawn in 1995.

This is a comprehensive technical and service history of these austere but impressive locomotives. The brief German summary lets us know that the Polish text also deals with special operational aspects under socialism, such as dealing with neglected maintenance, inferior coals and overlong trains, and the severe winter of 1962/63. Those who do not read Polish will still enjoy the wealth of illustrations and the detailed allocation lists. 208 pages A4, hb.

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