Die Deutsche Reichsbahn und das "Unternehmen Barbarossa"
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Die Deutsche Reichsbahn und das "Unternehmen Barbarossa"

Jan Lukow

Aufgaben, Organisation und Betrieb der DR im Krieg gegen die Sowjetunion 1941-1945. An impressive volume on the operation of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the Soviet Union 1941-45, the challenges of dealing with the destruction inflicted by the retreating Red Army, the effect of the severe winters on men and machines and the transfer of vast numbers of locomotives from the West, including the new class 52. About two thirds of the book detail the work at 273 loco0motive depots and 69 workshops. The text is supported by c585 well reproduced photographs and 1,336 references to sources. 488 pages A4, hb.

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