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Norway Express

Ticket to Ride DVD

Engelsk film om norska tåg, utgiven 2005. 100 min. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Norway is a big country with a small population. But the Norwegians have engineered a rail network through the uncompromising landscape with great commitment, and have become a world authority on tunnelling in the process! We explore the 3,000 mile network from Halden on the Swedish border in the south to Bod¿ in the north, from Bergen on the western fjord coast to Edisvol in the east. We spend time in Oslo, but mostly we escape the capital and roam the rails in the provinces. In Norway you will see trains that you just don't see elsewhere; like the elk proof class 74s and new regional trains built in Italy, together with a few familiar friends like the Lok 2000- used on long distance and night trains.

We see how the trains are maintained for their tough assignments with a visit to the the NSB depot outside Oslo, and have a behind the scenes look at the Flytoget; the 220kph airport express which is the fastest train in Scandinavia. Freight is not forgotten, at Halden you will see Green Cargo with a German Intermodal , while in the far north you will see a GM 66 at work and the Arctic Rail Express being assembled. At Trondheim we see Europe's most northerly tramway and at Hamar visit the National Railway museum for a steam train run. Narrated. 100 mins.
Artikelnummer:DVD TTR 065
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