Lionheart 84
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Lionheart 84

Tankograd British Special 9037

The largest British Exercise of the Cold war. Engelsk och tysk text. 72 sidor A4 inb. 132 foton och 7 illustrationer. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Exercise Lionheart ran for little over a month, from 03 September till 05 October 1984. It comprised three phases: a deployment phase (Full Flow), the employment phase (FTX Spearpoint) and a redeployment phase (Full Flow). Lionheart was the largest British Cold War exercise and designed to stress like never before the British Army's operational capacity to augment its forces in West Germany and to defend successfully the I (BR) Corps sector against the backdrop of a more threatening Warsaw Pact posture.
This publication shows the vehicles of the British Army in action with many impressive photos including those of the then new vehicle types such as the Challenger 1, the Saxon, the MCV-80 (Warrior) and the Tracked Rapier. Furthermore the vehicles of the participating West German, Dutch and American units are covered.
Artikelnummer:TMF 9037
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