Reforger 75 Certain Trek
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Reforger 75 Certain Trek

Tankograd American Special 3046

The US Army training on NATO's Eastern Frontline. Av Walter Böhm och Diego Ruiz Palmer. Engelsk och tysk text. 64 sidor, A4 hft
129 illustrationer. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Exercise REFORGER 75 was the seventh in the series since the USA started in 1969 the practice of reinforcing NATO with US Army forces stationed at home in peacetime, but which had their equipment kept in storage in Europe. Exercise Certain Trek was the FTX part of REFORGER 75 and involved nine combined-arms brigades (including one each from Canada and Germany) and three field artillery groups for a total of 57,000 troops belonging to the USA, Germany, Canada, France and the UK; equipped with 500 M60A1, M 48 A2 C and Centurion main battle tanks, 900 armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, another 200 armoured vehicles and 250 helicopters.
In this publication the vehicles of the units participating in Certain Trek are shown in many hitherto unpublished photos and the tactical aspects of the FTX are described in detail.
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