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Road to Waterloo, The

Alan J. Guy

Alan Sutton 1990. 223 sidor 21x30cm, ill., inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

To the generations before 1914 the twenty-year struggle against the power of Revolutionary and Napoleonic France was known as The Great War. Fighting spanned the globe, and the leve! of Britains national effort was comparable to the conflicts of modern times.

The British Army was unprepared for war on such a large sca!e and experienced much frustration and defeat before becoming, in We!lingtons words, prohably the most complete machine for its numbers existing in Europe (1813).

In this book a team of distinguished writers joins forces with representatives of a new generation of historians to explore important themes of the period. Subjects covered include the war in the Caribbean (when for every soldier who died by the sword thousands died from disease), warfare in Flanders, Ireland, India, Egypt and Spain, the role of Britains home-defence forces under the threat of a French invasion, and the complex personality of Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington.
The book is illustrated throughout from the unrivalled collections of the National Army Museum.
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