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Goth Chic

Gavin Baddeley

A connoisseur´s guide to dark culture. Plexus 2006. 288 sidor 17x23cm, rikt illustrerad med s/v foton, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Goth Chic is the first book to properly explore Gothic culture in the modern world.
Gavin Baddeley, a true expert in his field, examines it from a pop and sub-cultural perspective, identifying hidden gems from the underground alongside better known manifestations, looking at all facets of the culture including horror comics, fetish clubs, Goth rock superstars and vampire cultists.

Exploring the more stimulating aspects of the world's most macabre manifestations, the book charts the most important, exciting and unusual works, figures and ideas in the different areas that it covers.

The result is a book that provides a peerless primer for novices in this dark underworld and an incisive analysis that will challenge and compel even the most seasoned veteran of the modern gothic culture.

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