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Madonna Companion, The

Allan Metz, Carol Benson

Two Decades of Commentary. Schirmer Books 1999. 345 sidor 15x24cm, ill. med s/v foton, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Madonna has gone through many transformations in a long career as singer, songwriter, media sensation, actress, and agent provocateur.

To her critics, she is a shameless poseur, a true material girl, who plays the media like a violin, while scooping up the adoration (and cash) of her fans. To her fans, Madonna stands apart from the hoopla, controlling her own destiny while using the powers of her voice, physique, and video image to combat rigid social beliefs.

For the first time, reviews, interviews, and articles about Madonna from the popular to the academic pressare gathered together to give a complete picture of the performer and phenomenon who has shaken the music business and American culture to the core.

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