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Vauxhall File, The

Eric Dymock

Model by model. Andra upplagan, Dove Publishing 1999. 384 sidor 21x15cm, rikt ill. med s/v och färgfoton, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The Vauxhall File details the company and its cars from its origins in Vauxhall Gardens London, through Edwardian racing cars, to its takeover by General Motors in 1927 when it stopped competing with Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Napier.

Vauxhall went over instead to popular models, pioneering synchromesh gearboxes, unitary bodies, and the famous knee-action independent front suspension. The Cadet, Light Six, Big Six, and later 10-Four, 12-Four, and 14-Six were 1930s family cars of gentle respectability.

Mid-Atlantic styling after World War II brought Velox, Cresta and Victor. The Viva was inscribed in the motoring lexicon as Vauxhall returned to motor racing through Dealer Team Vauxhall, and later VX Racing winners of the British Touring Car Championship.

GM Europe brought the Opel-engineered Cavalier in 1975, saving the Vauxhall name and keeping the home fires burning, first at Luton and then Ellesmere Port. The Merseyside factory even made Opels for export.
The lengthening list of models required this second edition of The Vauxhall File to bring the comprehensive tally up to date.

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