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Wilh. Wilhelmsen 150 Years. History and stories

Bård Kolltveit, Hans Chr Bangsmoen

Dinamo 2011. 534 sidor 22x27 cm, rikt ill, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

IT ALL BEGAN IN 1861 IN TONSBERG, Norway's oldest town, when the founder was just 22 years old. Morten Wilhelm Wilhelmsen was therefore too young to run his own business under the laws of the day, bur he found a way around that little difficulty. One hundred and fifty years later, Wilh Wilhelmsen - WW - can look back on a history as one of Norway's largest-ever shipping companies. It has sailed all the seven seas over this century and a half, and ranks today as a very strong global player and maritime brand. In this anniversary history, authors Bård Kolltveit and Hans Chr. Bangsmoen have created a substantial work of reference with the company's own archives as their principal source. The reader is taken on a voyage with WW in good times and bad through various eras - from sail to steam and from steam to diesel oil, and from tramp shipping via liner trades to ro-ro, container and car carriers.

Both the history and the stories span a wide range. Correspondence, reports and written sources of various kinds have been supplemented by observations from employees and business contacts at various levels which add spice to the tale. Amusement is assured when captains as weil as ship's boys contribute their personal reminiscences. Many are the voices, and gripping the stories. They evoke gravity and laughter, respect and reflection. The numerous illustrations add a dimension of their own to the book. Wilh Wilhelmsen 150 years - history and stories does justice to the company's past while making a significant contribution to Norwegian shipping history.

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