Atlas of urban electric transport in the Russian Federation
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Atlas of urban electric transport in the Russian Federation

Mikhail Denschik, Oleg Bodnya, Francis Terry

High quality route maps and fleet summaries of about 125 tramway and trolley bus systems in the Russian Federation. 424 pages A4, numerous colour photos, hb. Publisher's presentation:

This atlas contains detailed information on urban electric transport networks in all cities and towns of the Russian Federation, including settlements located in the Crimean peninsula. Data on rolling stock and route networks of all operating tramway and trolleybus systems, metros, and funiculars in the Russian Federation, together with the Moscow monorail, make up the main part of the book. Text is supplemented by detailed network maps and modern photos of passenger, museum, and service rolling stock. Photos were carefully selected to give an idea of the appearance of almost all models that are currently operating in Russian urban electric transport systems.
The atlas consists of a number of functional sections, introduced by a commentary from the authors and followed by a short history of urban electric transport in Russia. Next are the extensive reference and information sections, covering opening and closing dates of the systems, fare structures, passenger flows etc. along with key tables showing tram, trolleybus and metro vehicles that are currently in service. All materials were specially prepared for this edition.

Information in the atlas is correct to summer 2014 and taken from data submitted by the operating companies on length of lines, numbers of passengers carried, fares, operating rolling stock and route networks. In the course of preparation of this book, some newer data on the most important changes that have taken place since summer 2014 have been incorporated. This book has been published in two languages (Russian and English) in А4 format (300x210 mm), 424 pages, with hard cover, full-colour printing on coated paper and colour photos and maps.

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