De León a Gijón en 342 imágenes
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De León a Gijón en 342 imágenes

Julio Alberto Cendón

Comprehensive colour album of the main line across the Pajares pass, with a summit at 1,270 m the highest in Spain. The pictures are arranged in relation to the 171 kilometer posts and are accompanied by reproductions of a 1921 general plan in 1:50.000 and the 1941 profile (since then slightly modified). There is also a list of the stations and 91 tunnels.

The pictures, some from the 1980s but most from the 2000s, show the great variety of landscape and motive power on this spectacular railway. A new line on easier gradients and with a 25 km tunnel is being built and may open in 2021. 255 pages 30x24 cm, 342 colour photos, sb.

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