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Railway Scene

The Railway Scene was published by Frank Stenvall in 1968-1982. It focused on railways in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America, with reports also from many little known lines in other countries. In days long before the internet, information of this kind was hard to come by, and many of the reports were pioneering. Jeremy Wiseman, Peter Bagshawe, Pascal Pontremoli and Marcel Vleugels were among the regular contributors.

Six issues per year were scheduled, but as a delay built up, this was after ten years abandoned for a more planned irregularity. The following issues were numbered consecutively from No 61. At the same time the original A5 format with non-photographic covers was replaced by a 17x24 cm format. This lasted for only five issues. Pressure from other work made it impossible to continue.

Several back issues are still in stock, and will be presented here in due course. Many of the lines and locos covered are of course long gone, but here you have a chance to relive the international railway scene as it was 30-40 years ago.