Sanitätsfahrzeuge – German Field Ambulances
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Sanitätsfahrzeuge – German Field Ambulances

Tankograd World War One vol. 13

Engelsk text. 96 sidor, A4 mjukpärm 235 s/v foton. Limiterad utgåva. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The German Sanitätswesen im Felde (Army Medical Service) played a major role during campaigns on the frontlines of World War One, saving millions of soldiers' lives. The core task of the Sanitätswesen was the evacuation of wounded from the trenches and battlefield, and for this purpose it was equipped with a vast number of types of transport, ranging from wheeled stretcher handcarts to horse-drawn ambulance carts, and even field railway wagons, cable cars and streetcars. This publication outlines the chain of evacuation for the wounded, and describes these Sanitätsfahrzeuge (medical service vehicles) used for this valiant purpose.
There is a special focus on Sanitätskraftwagen (motorised field ambulances) that played an ever-growing role in saving soldiers from further harm or death from 1914-18. Among the famous makes of German field ambulance production that are covered in this book are: Adler, Apollo, Audi, Benz, Bergmann-Metallurgique, Büssing, Daimler, Hansa-Lloyd, Mathis, Nacke, Opel, Polyphon, Presto and Protos.
In addition, there are chapters on medical staff cars, cargo trucks, delivery vans, buses and trailers. This is the first ever publication covering German medical vehicles of World War One.
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