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Flight of the Titans

Kenny Kemp

Boeing, Airbus and the battle for the future of air travel. Virgin 2006. 272 sidor 15x23 cm + 8 bildsidor, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

In the Super Bowl of the airline industry, there are two opposing sides: Airbus of Europe versus Boeing of America. Both sides have only one goal to become the world's leading aircraft maker. This is the remarkable account of Airbus' launch of the largest passenger plane ever to fly, how they risked everything in a heavyweight contest, where the money is staggering and the political stakes are high.

The Airbus A380 will be a monster above the clouds with gyms, a nightclub in the sky and a 550 passenger capacity vs Boeing's super efficient long distance Dreamliner's 200-350. Will the A380 super-jumbo succeed when it is launched in 2006? With Boeing determined that it will fail, the stakes are high. This amazing story of rivalry and risk is a fascinating insight to both Airbus and Boeing as they take their steps to take-off.
• Gripping story of Boeing US vs Airbus Europe one of world's most vicious rivalries
• World's largest passenger jet (Airbus A380) vs smaller, point-to-point airliner (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) who will win?
• International politics, business, travel and billions of pounds at stake
• All key industry figures interviewed, including head of Boeing
• Reads like a political thriller

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