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737 - 400, 737 - 500, 737 - 700. Aalesund, Bergen, Longyearbyen, Molde, Oslo, Tromso.
DVD, 122 minuter. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The airline, founded as Braathens SAFE in 1946, slowly grew to become Norway's largest airline. The aircraft featured in this program, which was released on VHS in 2000, made up the fleet since the 90s with the B737-400 joining in 1989, the B737-500 in 1990 and B737-700 in 1998.
The dvd shows flights in the cockpit from the airline's main base at Oslo to half a dozen destinations in Norway including most notably a flight into Longyearbyen known as the world's most northern full service airport.
In 2002 SAS purchased the airline, from 2004 it operated as SAS Braathens and finally on June 1st 2007, date of the release of this dvd, the airline was fully merged into SAS making the Name Braathens disappear.
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