Bagnalls of Stafford
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Bagnalls of StaffordBagnalls of StaffordBagnalls of Stafford

Bagnalls of Stafford

Allan C Baker, T D Allen Civil

Builders of Locomotives for the World’s Railways. A huge (3kg+) and most impressive history of this company, which in 1876-1963 built 1,610 steam, 14 electric and 231 internal combustion locomotives, apart from various other things. Most were narrow gauge There is a works list, a list of 141 surviving locomotives (many of which can not be described as preserved) and various other appendices, but what makes this work, published in 2008, stand out is the thorough description of the company and its personalities and the technical development, divided into 15 chapters:

1. The Bagnall Family: The Firm; The Antecedents
2. Early Locomotives & Other Products. The Giffords Arrive
3. The Era of Ernest Baguley
4. The Last Years of William Gordon Bagnall
5. John Gifford in Control: Towards The First World War
6. The First World War & The Ascendancy of WS Edwards
7. Post War Expansion
8. Difficult Times: The End o f the Era of The Giffords
9. Edwards in Control: Years of Innovation
10. The Era of the Cadmans
11. Alan Good Takes Over: The Early Post-War Years
12. The Brush Bagnall Partnership
13. Life After Alan Good: Independence – But at What Price
14. The Dorman Period
15. English Electric & After

686 pages A4, numerous illustrations, hardbound.

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