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Eritrean Narrow Gauge. An Amazing Reinstatement.

Don Mitchell

Eritrean railways were destroyed in civil war and closed in 1976. After independence, rather surprisingly, reconstruction of the railway was started in 1995 from the port of Massawa and the line reached Asmara in 2003. This photo album shows the railway and its reconditioned rolling stock as they were in 2006-2007. Where else can you see steam locomotives and railcars from the 1930s still at hard work in the 21st century? There are also three b/w photos showing scenes from the former 75km Massawa-Asmara aerial ropeway at work. 96 pages, 17x24cm, hb. 6 maps and track layouts, 125 color and 3 b/w photos.
295kr / st.
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