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Schwere Brocken. Regelspurige E-Tenderlokomotiven. Band 1

Wofgang Fiegenbaum, Ingo Hütter

Esslingen, StEG, Cockerill, Henschel, Vulcan und Hanomag. 416 pages A4, text in German, well illustrated by about 650 photos (some in color), maps and diagrams.

0-10-0T locomotives were a German speciality. They had about 2121 standard gauge locomotives of this type, which is more than the rest of the world together. The first volume of this work (of three planned) covers pre-history and the six builders named in the subtitle. New standard or broad gauge locomotives were built by these builders for Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Finland. Second-hand examples were found in many other Central European countries. This is a very impressive publication, not only by its size, but also by the thoroughness of the coverage of its subject. It is worth noting that fireless locomotives are also included as well as some related types of axle arrangements.

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