A Glimpse of Indian Railways, 1975
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A Glimpse of Indian Railways, 1975

Broan Walker (photos), Colin Stone (ed)

80 pages 25x19 cm, 83 colout photos, hb.

In 1975 a group of British Railway enthusiasts hungry for a “steam fix” headed off to the Indian sub-continent to witness everyday steam operations. They weren’t disappointed, the sight, sound, smell, and full splendour of steam was alive, well and still able satisfy any lover of the steam locomotive. Thanks to those steam enthusiast cameramen, and sad to say, many are no longer with us, a little of what was photographed nearly half a century ago can now be shared with those who never got to experience the magic of Indian Steam. For those that did, perhaps this album may rekindle memories of that incredible Indian Railway system, often referred to as … “The Railways of the Raj”

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