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Latvijas Dzelzcelu Lokomotives

Toms Altbergs

Latvian locomotive history is rather complicated due to the political and military history of the area. To complicate the matters further, there were four different gauges, and in particular the length of standard and broad gauge railways varied according to who was in command at the times of trouble. This book is mainly concerned with the time of independent Latvia 1919-1940 with more general notes before and after.

All locomotive types operated by Latvian state railways are described in depth and the text is accompanied by good photos and several line drawings. Many of the older locomotives were of Russian origin, but the newest were of original design, some built for easy conversion between different gauges. In the supplements, each locomotive, tender and railcar is individually listed, including those existing in the area in 1915, and there are technical specifications for each class 188 pages A4, hb.

Published 2005 and out of print, but we have been able to obtain a few mint copies. Separate summary and captions in English enclosed.

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