Dm3 - Dm4 - Hr11. Harmaan kiitojunan tarina
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Dm3 - Dm4 - Hr11. Harmaan kiitojunan tarina

Jari Auvinen, Kimmo Pyrhönen

"History of the grey express train". This well produced book deals with the distinct first generation of Finnish main line diesel power, the diesel-hydraulic railcars class Dm3 (ten, later rebuilt into class Dm4) and Dm4 (fourteen + the rebuilt Dm3s), and the five locomotives class Hr11. All were built 1952-55 and had a fair amount of technical problems. The last was withdrawn in 1972.

The book describes in detail (in Finnish) their development, marketing, service and subsequent disposal. Apart for some early railcars, the Finnish railways were entirely steam worked before the arrival of the diesel fleet, so it marked a new era. There is even a section on their use in film. The book also lists a large number of the individual workings.

178 pages A4, very well illustrated, hb.

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