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Automotores Brill en Cataluña

Ramón Lascorz, Jaume Fernández

During WWI, the broad gauge Barcelona-Sarriá railway, operated with tram type equipment, was extended by American entrepreneur Frank S Pearson on standard gauge to Tarrasa, with a branch to Sabadell. It was operated like an American interurban railway with a fleet of elegant Brill cars. The two series of cars (1-27 and 301-312), plus three works cars, were the only Brill cars in Europe. One car of each series and two of the works cars have been preserved.

This book tells the interesting story behind this unique fleet and is illustrated by several fine photographs, many of them in colour, and three line drawings. Spanish text. 112 pages 28x21 cm, sb.

300kr / st.
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