Vapor en la RENFE. Primer periodo (1941-1949)
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Vapor en la RENFE. Primer periodo (1941-1949)

Fernando F Sanz, Gustavo Reder

Historia de la tracción vapor en España. Tomo VII (1). At the end of the civil war, Spain's railways and motive power were in a dreadful state. RENFE was formed in 1941 out of the 14 broad gauge railway companies to restore them. The war in Europe made imports virtually impossible, and locomotives which would otherwise have been written off were instead restored as best one could and brought back into service.

Four new steam locomotive classes were designed, but only the 2400 series 4-8-2s entered service during the perid covered by this comprehensive book. It explores in details the many problems with poor coal and water, unsafe signalling, modernisation of the existing fleet and the demands of traffic. The book includes the renumbering scheme of the 3,099 locomotives taken over from the constituent companies, a list of turntables by diameter and details of shed allocations. and several other tables. It is illustrated by about 350 photographs and elegant track plans of stations and sheds. 318 pages A4, hb.

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