Vapor en la RENFE. Segundo periodo (1950-1975)
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Vapor en la RENFE. Segundo periodo (1950-1975)

Fernando F Sanz, Gustavo Reder, Pedro Pintado

Historia de la tracción vapor en España. Tomo VII (2). The eighth and final volume of this impressive work on steam in Spain opens with the general reconstruction plan of 1949, which foresaw the aquisition of 200 new locomotives (in addition to 128 already on order) and ends with the cessation of steam operation in 1975. Most of the new locomotives were 2-8-2s, others were ten 4-8-4 Confederations and ten 2-8-2+2-8-2 Garratts,

It discusses many aspects set against the development of the country. The matter of fuel and water, Lornd or Lentz distribution for 4-8-0s, double and triple traction, the launch the the Via Libre magazine, new lines, reorganization of the depots, mail trains and so on - all engrossing reading (in Spanish). It is illustrated by 289 photographs and elegant track plans of yards and sheds. 256 pages A4, hb.

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