Steam in Europe 1894-1947
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Steam in Europe 1894-1947

Remmo Statius Muller, Guus Veenendaal

The photographs of Lodewijk Derens. Lodewijk Derens (1880-1956) was the first photographer of steam locomotives in the Netherlands and a pioneer on the European continent. He began photographing in 1894 and continued until after World War II. His photographs of the older and smaller classes of Dutch steam engines are in many cases the only images that have been preserved. Derens was most active between 1910 and 1938, a period in which he also travelled to Belgium, France, Britain, Germany and Austria to record the steam railway scene in those countries. His delightful images have remained largely unknown and most of them are published here for the first time.

The treasure trove of pictures reproduced in this book gives us an impression of the immense variety of steam locomotives in service during the first half of the 20th century, some handsome, others rather less so. In order to make Lodewijk Derens’ work available to a wide audience, Remmo Statius Muller and Guus Veenendaal have lovingly restored surviving negatives and conducted extensive research for the informative captions accompanying the 233 photographs.

The book was originally published in Dutch. For this English edition, the text has been adapted for an international audience, and a brief introduction to the railway history of the Netherlands has been added. 248 pages A4, hardbound.

Published 2 Aug.

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