CAF – A century serving the railway sector
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CAF – A century serving the railway sector

Juanjo Olaizola Elordi

Compañía Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, now known as CAF, was founded in 1917 and took over an earlier wagon works at Beasain. Over the years it produced a large number of wagons and coaches, and under various licenses motive power. In 1966 it took over the production of railway equipment from the Sociedad Española de Construcción Naval, including the Alco license. From 1965 CAF cooperated with Mitsubishi in the production of electric locomotives. In 2002, CAF opened its factory at Elmira, New York, and now has factories also in France, Brazil and Mexico.

This is a well written, thorough history of the company through difficult and good periods, focussing on the economical and political context. For many decades, the production was fairly unsophisticated, but now CAF has several successful product lines of its own, exported to many countries. Parallel text in Spanish and English. The deliveries are listed batchwise over 27 pages. 383 pages 29x24 cm, numerous photographs, most of them in colour, hb.

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