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" Ganz Railway Vehicles 1868–1919

Szécsey István, Villányi György

From the beginning to the end of WW1. The Ganz factories in Budapest were established in 1844. In 1880 the company acquired the First Hungarian Railway Carriage Manufacturers Co Ltd, operating since 1868. The company dominated the production of rolling stock in Hungary, and by 1918 had produced nearly 75,000 vehicles. A few of the pioneering designs were Káömán Kandó three-phase electrics and the Ganz-de Dion steam railcars. Many vehicles were exported.

This volume describes all the deliveries, with a wealth of photographs, line drawings and tables. The main text is in Hungarian, but there is an English summary for each chapter, and the 648 captions are bilingual. 446 pages A4, hb.

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