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Southern Pacific's 4300 4-8-2's

Robert J. Church

1996. 172 sidor 22x29 cm, rikt ill inkl utvikningsritningar, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Revised Edition. Among Southern Pacific's most capable steam engines were the 4300-series Mountains. Most were built in SP's own Sacramento Shops. They were workhorses in fast passenger and freight duties.

Here is the complete story of these locomotives, from their design, through construction and maintenance, to their extensive service assignments. A rich collection of technical data, drawings, and photographs complements the detailed and thoroughly researched text.

Newly revised from the first edition, The 4300 4-8-2's has 24 new pages, 40 new photographs (9 in color), an expanded chapter on tenders, an index and references, and numerous additions and enhancements throughout, making it even more authoritative and complete than the original version.
660kr / st.
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