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** British Nuclear Artillery

Tankograd - British Special Nr. 18

Corporal, Blue Water, Honest John, Tube Artillery, Lance. Brittiska raket- och artilleri system kapabla att avfyra taktiska kärnvapen. Fordonen och pjäserna beskrivs tillsammans med förbands historik och mängder av foton. Engelsk text. 64 sidor, A4 hft. 109 sv/v foton.

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Utgivarens beskrivning:

Throughout the Cold War, it was apparent that NATO could not withstand a determined conventional assault by Warsaw Pact forces on the central front in Europe; Soviet superiority in conventional arms and manpower could not be matched by Western democracies in peacetime. Instead, NATO openly relied upon the threat of nuclear weapons to counter a Soviet attack as soon as the position on the ground indicated the line could not be held. This publications tells the story of the British Army's nuclear-capable tube artillery and missile artillery that was for decades a military secret. Comprehensive coverage with informative text and many hitherto unpublished photographs allow a vital gap in military-vehicle history to be closed with this book.
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