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Armored Units of the Russian Civil War. White and Allied

New Vanguard 83

Av David Bullock, Alexander Deryabin, illustrerad av Andrei Aksenov. 48 sidor 18x25 cm, rikt ill, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:
One of the most important conflicts of the 20th century, the Russian Civil War was the struggle that led to the formation of the Soviet Union. Following the overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government on 7 November 1917, the All-Russian Congress of Soviets met and handed over power to the Soviet Council of People's Commissars. Immediately forces began to assemble in opposition to the Bolshevik regime, and these became known as the Whites. This title examines the armour that they had at their disposal throughout the course of the war. It was a varied collection including British and French vehicles and, perhaps most famously, the armoured trains that enabled the Whites to dominate much of Siberia.
Artikelnummer:NVG 083
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