Berlin Brigade
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Berlin Brigade

Tankograd American Special 3045

Vehicles of the US Army in West-Berlin 1950-94. Av Walter Böhm. Engelsk och tysk text. 64 sidor, A4 hft
144 illustrationer. Utgivarens beskrivning:

With the arrival of the 2nd (US) Armored Division "Hell on Wheels" as a regular occupation force, the history of the U.S. Army began in Berlin in July 1945. In addition to the Soviet Union, United Kingdom and France, the American troops took over the administration of a sector of the city. In the following years Berlin would see historic events such as the Allied Airlift and the construction of the intra-German border, the "Wall". The U.S. Army, at first with the Berlin Military Post, then with the Berlin Command and finally with the Berlin Brigade, provided core support in defending the city against Soviet agitation, last but not least by providing a continued deterrent most visible by the presence of tanks. This publication shows, with many hitherto unpublished photos, the vehicles used by the U.S. forces in Berlin from 1950-94 - predominantly the tanks that kept the permanent Soviet threat at bay.
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