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** Czech Wheeled Selfpropelled 152mm Gun-Howitzer DANA

Tankograd in Detail

Artillerivagnen DANA i hundratals färgfoton, både "walk around" och i fält. Engelsk text. 96 sidor, liggande A4 hft. 178 färgfoton. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Introduced in 1981 and up till today still the only mass-produced wheeled self-propelled howitzer, the DANA is a class of its own. No one who ever took a close look at the DANA's unique design features can stop admiring the expertise and vision the Czechoslovakian designers of the 1970s put into this extraordinary vehicle. This is the first-ever comprehensive documentation on this vehicle and unlike only a pure walk-around this title offers:

- comprehensive development and technical background
- comparison with all modern international wheeled self-propelled gun systems
- visual documentation of all main technical components
- development and types of camouflage and markings
- detailed external walk-around on in-service vehicles
- coverage of interior details
- photos from exercises and live firing missions
- planned modernisation efforts
- a comparative look on DANA's sister, the Zuzana vz. 2000

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