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** 10 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej

Tankograd - Missions & Maneouvres Nr. 25

Vehicles of the Modern Polish Armys 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade. Bakgrundshistorik över den polska 10:e pansar brigaden med förbandsstruktur. Alla fordon både pansar- och hjul presenteras i färgfoton. Engelsk text. 64 sidor, A4 hft. 139 ill. Utgivarens beskrivning:

With Poland's joining of NATO on 01 April 1999, a new life began for 10 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej (10 BK Panc), and it affected both its organisation and its equipment. The new NATO member immediately created a cooperation base with neighbouring Germany to purchase Western equipment from Bundeswehr surplus stocks. The target was to equip a brigade-sized unit with Western equipment, an undertaking that up to the present day has never been repeated by any other NATO country. Based on hitherto unpublished photographs this publication shows the motor pool of 10 BK Panc, consisting of Polish, Russian and German vehicles that at the end of the last century were opposing each other on both sides of the Iron Curtain but today jointly train and fight.

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