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** Anzac Army Vehicles

Tankograd - Mission & Manoeuvres Nr. 28

Vehicles of the Modern New Zealand and Australian Armies. Fotokavalkad på den Australiensiska och Nya Zeländska arméns alla hjul- och pansar fordon fotograferade i fält. Engelsk text. 134 färgfoton, 64sidor, A4 hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

This publication seeks to reflect the close bonds of the New Zealand and Australian Armies forged in war.

The NZ Army ranks as one of the smallest armies in the world. Yet in the past decade the armys capabilities have been significantly enhanced by the addition of new vehicles. The most important of these is the 8x8 Light Armoured Vehicle, the NZLAV. Australia, across the Tasman Strait, possesses a military far more capable. The army revolves around two divisions that encompass seven regular infantry battalions, one armoured regiment, two cavalry regiments, an independent cavalry squadron, and a surveillance and target acquisition regiment. Among the primary tactical vehicles are the M1A1 AIM SA Abrams main battle tank, the M113AS4 armoured personnel carrier, the ASLAV wheeled armoured fighting vehicle and the Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle.

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