Spezialfahrzeuge – German Specialised Motor Vehicles
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Spezialfahrzeuge – German Specialised Motor Vehicles

Tankograd World War One vol. 12

Engelsk text. 96 sidor, A4 mjukpärm 230 s/v foton. Limiterad utgåva. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The backbone of motor vehicles in the Imperial German Army comprised cargo trucks, staff cars and motorcycles. Yet with many new military tasks arising on the German side in World War One, the demand for motor vehicles in specialised roles grew exponentially.
This publication extends the previous books in this series by describing, for the first time ever, specialised German Army vehicles ranging from the technically interesting and fascinating, to the weird and wonderful, and to sometimes even the odd. Covered in this book are aero-sleighs, tricycle motor vehicles, recovery vehicles and wreckers, fuel tankers, railroad trucks and other rail-bound motor vehicles, bathing trucks, signals motor vehicles, buses, motorised field chapels, delivery vans and light trucks, field mail service motor vehicles, motorised dummy tanks, snowploughs, searchlight vehicles, firefighting vehicles, recovery vehicles for aircraft transport, meat vehicles, motor vehicles with wire cutters, trench diggers and machine gun-armed soft-skin vehicles.
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