Enok 5.4
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Enok 5.4

Tankograd Militärfahrzeugh Spezial 5088

The Enok 5.4 Protected Wheeled Vehicle and Variants in the Modern German Army.
Av Ralph Zwilling. Engelsk och tysk text. 72 sidor, A4 hft. 174 färgfoton. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The aim of the Protected Command and Multipurpose Vehicles (Geschützte Führungs- und Funktionsfahrzeuge, or GFF) project is to optimally meet the armed forces' need for different protected platforms for operations, and to replace outdated unprotected vehicles. The Enok 5.4 used today by the German Army is part of the newly developed Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle 5.4 (LAPV 5.4) generation, and is a further development of the Mercedes-Benz G-model Wolf with special protection equipment (Sonderschutzausstattung). This publication describes the development history, the technology and the military service of the Enok variants
- Enok 5.4 Patrol Vehicle
- Enok 5.4 Military Police Vehicle
- Enok 5.4 K-9 Team Vehicle
- Enok 5.4 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Vehicle
in great detail for the very first time and with many hitherto unpublished photographs.

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