Einheits-PKW; leicht – mittel - schwer
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Einheits-PKW; leicht – mittel - schwer

Tankograd – Wehrmacht Special No. 4021

German Standardised ’Einheits- PKW’ Field Cars of World War Two. Den första tyska armé bilen under 2vkr. Historik och varianter. Engelsk och tysk text. 80 sidor, A4 hft. 156 sv/v foton. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The idea of a unified design for a military passenger (field) car for the Wehrmacht began to take shape in the early 1930s. The intention was to avoid the many types of different vehicles that were used in the Reichswehr by concentrating on the so-called leichter (light), mittlerer (medium) and schwerer (heavy) ‘Einheits-PKW’ standardised designs. The Einheits-PKWs were in their time technically state-of-the-art and played a vital role from the rearmament of the Wehrmacht up to the first years of World War Two. The campaign into Russia in 1941, however, showed the weaknesses of the designs and many were subsequently replaced by more modern types. This publication comprehensively shows the types, variants, production batches and technology of the three Einheits
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