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Tankograd – American Special 3036

Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. Development, technology and variants - Part 2. Engelsk text. 64 sidor, A4 hft. c130 ill. Utgivarens beskrivning:

The HEMTT family of vehicles is a series of heavy off-road-capable 8x8 trucks in the 10-ton class. Introduced into service in 1982, these vehicles have formed the backbone as transport and logistic assets of combat and combat support units of brigade combat teams and divisions of the US Army until today. This publication is the much enhanced standard work on the HEMTT. It covers the basic types M977, M978, M983, M984, M985, M1120 and M1977 plus their variants now up to the A4 versions. Extending over two volumes in 128 pages and with no less than 265 colour photographs, many of which hitherto unpublished, it replaces the original long sold-out original edition Tankograd American Special 3003.
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