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M2/M3 Bradley at War

Michael Green & James D. Brown

MBI 2007. Ingående genomgång av M2/M3 Bradley inkl. dess historik och de tidigare kontroverser. 128 sidor, 21x27cm hft. c 180 färgfoton + detalj illustrationer. Utgivarens beskrivning:

In a full-scale, fully detailed look at the M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle System, Michael Green, veteran writer on military machines and tour guide at a tank museum, and co-author James D. Brown conduct readers through the nuts and bolts, production history, and wartime work of the stalwart Bradley. With pictures, diagrams, details of weaponry, and accounts of action, this book about the M2/M3 Bradley gives readers a real sense of how much this hardworking vehicle has contributed to American fighting power in recent years.

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