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Polka Happiness

Charles Keil, Angeliki V. Kiel, Dick Blau

Temple University Press 1992. 220 sidor 19x24cm, väl ill. med s/v foton, diskografi, hft.
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Celebrating the lively dance music that draws together generations of Polish Americans, Polka Happiness captures the energy, excitement, and shared sense of belonging embodied in polka sociability.

With rich descriptive material and 150 historical and contemporary illustrations, the book focuses on the musicians, the fans and the cultural institutions that keep the polka party going. From family gatherings and weddings to local fan clubs, night spots and churches to national and regional festivals, the polka scene is a year-round carnival, full of high jinks, hilarity, ethnic pride and tearsan intensely felt experience drawn from sources deep in Polish America.

The testimony of musicians and fans, old timers and young enthusiasts, tells how polka culture has resisted the melting pot for more than a century. Interviews, memorabilia and photographs spotlight the stars of the polka worldLi'l Wally, Walt Solek, Eddie Blazonczyk, Frankie Yankovic, the Dyna-Tonesas well as the many regional favorites in Buffalo, Milwaukee and Chicago that have delighted millions of fans.

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