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Travels on the Dance Floor

Grevel Lindop

One man´s journey to the heart of salsa. André Deutsch 2008. 254 sidor 13x20cm, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning:

When poet and biographer Grevel Lindop takes up salsa dancing in rainy Manchester, all he has are size 12 feet and excruciating adolescent memories of ballroom dancing lessons.
But salsa has a way of getting into your blood. Intense and intimate, sexy and addictive, the adrenalin pumping Afro-Latin-American dance style soon becomes an obsession.

Inspired to learn more, Lindop decides on a solo adventure to find the geographical and cultural roots of salsa. From the streets, bars and dancehalls of Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia to those of Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Miami - land of Cuban exiles he stumbles across a colourful cast of characters and a raft of new tricks. His quest also gives rise to basic confrontations with himself can a 6´4 white, English poet really dance? And what happens when he does?

Travels on the Dance Floor is Lindops vibrant and evocative account of his odyssey, written with wry humour and a poets eye for colour, detail and atmosphere. Funny, passionate and inspiring by turns, it is a book that will loved by dance addicts and armchair travellers alike.
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