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I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You

Matt Dobkin

Aretha Franklin, respect, and the making of a soul music masterpiece. St Martin's Griffin 2006. 256 sidor 14x21cm, s/v foton, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, Aretha Franklin´s first album for Atlantic Records and famed producer Jerry Wexler, was a pop and soul music milestone that jump-started Franklin´s languishing career.

Almost overnight, Aretha became a top selling recording artist and a cultural icon. Matt Dobkin has unearthed fascinating details about the recording session in Muscle Shoals, Alabama:about the volatile behavior of Aretha´s manager/husband, Ted White; about Aretha´s reaction to the lack of black musicians in the session; and about how tempers and alcohol almost derailed the session with only a track and half in the can.

This book goes far beyond anything that´s been written about The Queen of Soul on her music before. I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You is the story of a great achievement and includes scores of fresh interviews, including ones with Wexler, the session men from Muscle Shoals, and Arethas´s own musicians. It gives insight into a star more complex and determined than her modern diva image would seem to indicate.

Aretha, a teenage mother and daughter of a commanding preacher-father, rose above her circumstances and transformed them into art. She gave the civils rights movement, already well underway in 1967 when the album came out, a passionate call to arms. And with Respect, she provided the burgeoning feminist movement with an enduring theme song.

The first serious, nonbiographical look at Aretha Franklin´s work, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You will deepen even ardent fan´s understanding of one of the great soul artistsof our time, a direct descendant of Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.
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