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Complete Operas of Wagner, The

Charle Osborne

A Critical Guide. Gollancz 1992.
290 sidor 13x21cm, Inkluderar 13 olika verk, bibliografi, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Wagners operas can be counted among the most important works of art of the l9th century but the artistic, political and literary controversies which surrounded him during his lifetime still arouse intense debate.

Charles Osborne takes a refreshingly clear and objective look at the man and his music, from his earliest complete opera, Die Feen, and the little-known Das Liebesverbot, to the first performance of Parsifal at Bayreuth, a year before Wagners death in 1883.

As in his previous studies of major opera composers, Charles Osborne explores each opera from four points of view: the historical setting and Wagners own life at the time of composing; the libretto and librettist; the story line; and finally, a thorough musical analysis with examples.

This is a stimulating and accessible guide to the sometimes perpiexing Wagner opus, which will be of great value to the general opera-goer and specialist alike.

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