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Gioacchino Rossini

Alan Kendall

The Reluctant Hero. Victor Gollancz 1992. 276 sidor 15x21cm, ill. med s/v foton och ritningar, hft. Utgivarens beskrivning:

Rossini occupies a crucial place in the history of opera, bridging the worlds of Mozart and Verdi.

Long remembered primari as the composer of
The Barber of Seville, his stock has risen rapidly in recent years, with revivals of most of his operas on disc and in opera houses throughout the world.

Startlingly, though, having created the first Romantic Grand Opera,
William Tell, Rossini abruptly took his leave of the operatic stage, and for the next forty years, until his death in 1868, he wrote precious little. His later years were spent in Paris where, revered as a musical monument, he regularly received visiting musicians, dispensing hospitality laced with his accerbic wit.
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