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Plácido Domingo

Cornelius Schnauber

Robson Books 1997. 267 sidor 15x22cm, s/v foton, inb. Utgivarens beskrivning.

A tireless performer, conductor, and ambassador for opera, Placido Domingo is one of today's greatest and most popular tenors. His remarkably diverse and challenging repertoire includes opera, operattas, musicals, Spanish and Mexican folk songs, and popular tunes. This intriuguing biography focuses on Domingo's accomplishments over the past ten years, offering a fascinating portrait of the artist against the backdrop of the contemporary music scene.

Drawing on interviews with Domingo, his wife, Marta, colleagues, and music critics, author Cornelius Schnauber richly depicts both the private and the public man.

He critically examines the many facets of Domingo's career, exploring the tenor's extraordinary work as a stage, film, and video performer, a recording artist, and a conductor. Schnauber provides a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Domingo's vocal technique in different settings and genres.

In addition, he discusses Domingo's powerful acting talent, which draws on the Stanislavsky method, and his ability to give a unique interpretation to each role he performs.

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